We're Three!


Today is our birthday and we’ve got tons to celebrate! Over the past three years we’ve travelled to New Mexico for a fantastic FAM trip, brought Wellnicity to life online and IRL through a magical trailer pop-up concept and worked with some amazing clients just this past year including: Art + Artisans, El Norteño, Sway Water, Avoré Skincare, Primo Chalk, Generator Athlete Lab, The Bearded Bastard/Newton + Co, Family Movie Journal and more.  We’re thankful every day for our clients that we call family. Their hard work, determination, creativity and passion for their work is so inspiring to us and shows us the Austin entrepreneurial scene is alive and kicking.

In the office, we’ve solidified an amazing team of hard-working practitioners that come to work with a “let’s kick ass today” attitude and “we can do it” grit that I sit in awe of each day. The work this team does together amazes and inspires me. We joke here in the office that we have a co-dependency on each other akin to best friends or I’ll say it, family. I find that truly endearing. We honestly don’t know what we would do without each other and I know we would gladly walk to the ends of the earth for one another on a moments notice. 

It’s been a crazy three years filled with kick-ass work, boat loads of sass (who? us?), boat days on the lake (Boat Hayley!), a plethora of call agendas, 1,000,000ish emails, amazing media hits, lots of wit, transforming Instagram feeds (La Lopez), planning a Sip & See (Event Jamie!), numerous enneagram tests, planning a mural meat-up too (Gato Loco), being responsible for half of High Brew’s revenue, Harry Potter sorting hat chats (Panda Mamma), sharing too many drinks at FDR and Backbeat (RIP), a co-dependent trust tree, fuck trout and kicking the spiders (IOWA!)  that are invading our office out. 

Thank you to our clients, friends, family, vendors, partners and this amazing team for three wonderful years. I have to pinch myself that my little vision of a company of work hard/play hard/lovable/huggable PR practitioners has become a reality and even better than I ever could have imagined.

Onward - to three more years y’all. The tiny but mighty crew of Conversation Piece Marketing & PR celebrated their third birthday in true panda style—with lots of vino, chocolate cake and road tripping to the Land of Enchantment, check it out below!




Emily Kealey