Starting the Conversation through Quizzes!


Human beings thrive on conversation. In fact, conversation is so important to us that around the world we have developed over 5,000 languages help us get through our daily routines!! Through talking, laughing and crying together, humans have learned to form deep bonds and express thoughts with one another. From primal activities such as finding clean water, to participating in fun tasks like picking out which movie to see, the success of a human depends on their ability to navigate a conversation!

At Conversation Piece, we employ a team of communication experts. We aim to work as a cohesive unit, communicating with the world in the most effective way to represent your brand’s individual voice. Understanding this level of communication starts with exercises in introspection, not only for our clients but for our team. We want every member of our team to be understood correctly, and to understand the brand we are helping to grow. Through taking the time to learn about and appreciate one another, we have developed a fantastic, fun, and overall fabulous work atmosphere…leading to the creation of so much kick-ass content for our clients!

Each time we grow our team by taking on a new member, we are quick to provide them with a personality test--along with various Harry Potter-related quizzes (your house is of utmost importance ok?). From your Meyers-Briggs personality (shout out to the INFJs out there) your DISC profile, your Enneagram number, to yes, your Harry Potter house and Patronus – all of these fun quizzes actually highlight what makes us, well, us. It may sound silly, but we find it brings common ground and opens up positive lines of communication for our team to connect outside of work.

Check out our team page here for details on the absolutely awesome humans who work for CPPR. If you’re awesome too and want to become a part of the team, contact us to start your own conversation!

Emily Kealey