Fast Foodies of ATX: Best Lunches


We love Fresa’s for its drive-thru and roasted chicken, but also because it brings new meaning to fast-salad.

Fresas 4.23.png


The best and fastest veggie or beef burger in town. Also known as the most socially acceptable spot to just order fries and eat them for dinner, because fry not?!   

P Terrys 4.23.png


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that soup is so accessible and so damn delicious. Check out Soup Peddler for to-go salads, soups, juices, and hearty smoothies. Try the Caveman Chicken with spiralized zucchini noodles and hoisin sauce. For breakfast, try the the Golden Ticket smoothie made with Eat Curcuma’s golden mylk. Add a splash of coffee to energize it. 

Soup Peddler 4.23.png


Alongside our favorite bubbly water, Sway, we love Snap Kitchen because it has so many delicious options that are spelled out square and fair. Try the burger with a fried egg and sweet potato fries or any of their breakfast items that are sure to satisfy. 

Snap Kitchen 4.23.png


FlyRite is a great option for never having to get out of your car, but also to provide for everyone’s mood in the office. We love the chicken sandwich and the spring rolls, both the chicken and the fried cauliflower!

Flyrite 4.23.png


For the veggie lovers and meat lovers alike (our team is divided) grab their veggie sub or meatball sub.

Snarf's 4.23.png


With their healthy options and healthy-fast-casual style of serving, you’ll never be disappointed with the options and the seasonal variability. Not only is it customizable, it’s also delicious as heck. 

Emily Kealey