A New Day is on the Horizon

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I still remember sitting next to my mom on the couch watching the Golden Globes and Oscars every year. It was a special treat that my mom let me stay up late to watch these dazzling Hollywood moments with her. She has always loved anything to do with movies – one of her favorite gifts was when she received a soundtrack from her beloved movies. A year ago, when she had a stroke, a way to get her moving was putting on the music from “Howard’s End” or “Somewhere in Time”. She would perk up, smile, and move her hand to the music that she loved so much.

As I sat watching the Golden Globes last night with my two girls, I couldn’t help but think about my mom, and just how far we’ve come as women.  Last night was not about who you were wearing or what jeweler gave you the biggest baubles. For the first time in my life, it was about what the women were saying and how they were saying it. It was about their minds, their feelings, their ability to dole out a dose of realness (Debra Messing! Oprah! Babs!) without fear of retribution. I’ll admit it, I got teary and I got inspired. It was a beautiful harvest from the new seeds these women have sown, especially for others who don’t have as much of a voice or visibility. It was about protecting the marginalized and hard-working women across the country. It wasn’t about women being real-life mannequins, twirling, fake smiling, and talking about the weather. Thank god.

I saw a new Golden Globes last night, and with it came a re-born voice that was strong, capable, smart and sassy as shit (similar in character to the women themselves). The memories of who won best actress or who received the best musical score will fade, but I will never forget the night that we knew time was up, and we were ready for a new wave of strong, female voices that rise up and support all, men and women alike. May our daughters, and their daughters, recall this moment and continue to stand up for what’s right and just.  

Emily Kealey, President & Founder of CPPR

Emily Kealey