Kit & Caboodle


Sometimes you need the whole enchilada, the full boat, the whole shebang. You need branding, messaging, email marketing, social, media relations and more. We've got you covered. Find out how we created a brand persona, unique selling proposition, messaging, social and offline experience and more for our client, Wellnicity. 


The Ask

Create a cohesive, educational and thought provoking marketing plan to introduce a complicated concept to the masses.

The Creativity

Using data analytics, focus groups and A/B testing, the CPPR team crafted an online and offline strategy to introduce Wellnicity to their target demographic, Xennial and Gen-X Moms. Through an immersive trailer featuring their trusted clinicians, to a native ad for an edu-marketing opportunity in a national health and wellness blog - we got consumers talking.

How We Did It

Wellnicity is a complex product to adopt..."I need to prick my finger and send my bodily fluid sample in the mail? Huh?" Wellnicity needed its own dose of special medicine to get the brand off the ground. We purchased a teardrop trailer so clinicians (the backbone of the company) could get quality face-to-face time with consumers. We engaged in a native ad with Well + Good. We ran series of ads and remarketing targeting the consumer and worked with influencers and ambassadors and of course, good ol' public relations to round out the consumer experience. Lots of touchpoints, lots of ways Wellnicity was making people healthier and feeling better.