#TRT - DIY Fangirls

Bad box-dyed hair. Awkward, self-cut jean shorts. Possibly puffy paint? These are the things that ruined the term “DIY.”  When it comes to DIY, millennials cannot be stopped. We can’t be told what to do – we want to do it ourselves. DIY runs in our blood. And thankfully, DIY just got a makeover.

One style that’s in the limelight? Fangirl style. I’m sorry, but I said it. Oversized band t-shirts are taking center stage, but we’re not talking just any ol’ t-shirt. These shirts have been m o d i f i e d. The shift away from fast fashion has encouraged style-fans to get hands-on and upcycle.

Image credit: Instagram.com/weworewhat

Image credit: Instagram.com/weworewhat

Bloggers are not only sharing these styles with their followers, but they’re showing them how to make it. From strategically-cut concert tees to made-at-home choker necklaces, our style is truly in our hands.

The custom jacket trend is still heating up after seasons of action, but now fashion fans are taking matters into their own hands. It seems everyone is breaking out their denim and leather to add their own personal motto to the piece. Hold the puffy paint though, because this stuff seems store-bought, and I’m serious.

Youtube user:  Marianna Hewitt

Youtube user: Marianna Hewitt

 Brands with their fingers on the pulse have actually been onto the need for personalization for a minute. Glossier famously includes stickers in every order, allowing consumers to turn their priming moisturizer into their priming moisturizer.

Image credit: promostyl.com

Image credit: promostyl.com

And there you have it, folks. Millennials crave personalization. And they just want to do it themselves.

Emily Kealey