#MotivationMonday - Melody DanceFit

It doesn’t matter if you studied ballet for ten years or just studied the movie “Center Stage,” like yours truly. When you’re in one of Melody’s workout classes, you feel like Beyoncé. 

Melody 1.jpg

I think the best workouts are the kind where you get outside of your head, and when Melody turns the lights down low and the music up high it’s virtually impossible to be anywhere but in the moment. She teaches her class with the commitment and flow of someone who has truly found what they’re supposed to be doing.

There is something profound about feeling like you’re part of a community of supportive women. I am lucky enough to feel it every day at work, but I also feel it whenever I go to one of Melody’s classes. She laughs at herself, drops an f bomb every now and then, and most importantly she encourages people to take a look at their lives and give themselves credit for all that they do.

Melody’s class is not only my favorite workout – it’s also one of the sweatiest workouts in town and I try never to miss a #SexySweatySaturday. See you there!

Emily Kealey