Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday 4.23.gif

As I sit in our little Conversation Piece PR office I, for once, find myself sitting here alone at this big table that typically occupies my fantastic crew of Conversation Starters. I was thankful that I had a moment to reflect on what the past two years has meant to build this little company from scratch.

I’m not one to toot my horn (I prefer to do that for other people, which is why I love what I do) but, it’s nice sometimes to look back and appreciate where you’ve come from to where you are now. As I sat in my little blue folding chair in Zilker Park, looking at downtown Austin, the sun was shining, kids were running around laughing, dogs were barking, I opened my computer to write down all of my dreams and wishes for this company.

What I wanted sounded simple enough. I wanted my employees to have a life. Too many times in the PR industry you work and work and work and work some more with no end in sight. That’s fine, but what is it all for? Sure, I believe in doing what you love, but I also believe that there can be a balance. You CAN leave the office to workout, or mouthbreathe or take a nap. While clients and what we do for them are vital, so are the people putting in the work. I wanted that and so much more. Work should be fun, it should be invigorating, sure, it’s not going to be perfect but I wanted to try as much as possible.

Fast forward two years later and I find myself with my full team sitting around the table conducting an interview with an MBA grad student in communications. When she asked, “what makes CPPR different?” every single person said these few key phrases: the work is rewarding; we support each other; we think BIG; our clients are our family, and we are family here. My heart fluttered. We had achieved it. So many think building a business is about making money, and selling it for millions. No, it’s not. Building a business is for the intangibles, giving people creative license to do their thing, feeling like you have a support network and doing incredible work so we can see our clients succeed.

I don’t ever want to be some big behemoth firm. I like that we’re small and scrappy. I love that we go on playdates with our clients and their kids. And, I love that I can grab a margarita or three with others. Our clients are like our family and we love them as such. I’m thankful that so many took a leap of faith in entrusting us with their brand, that’s really, their baby.

My colleagues are hardworking ladies and gents who laugh easily, raise a hand for support and get the job done. I could not be more thankful for these souls that surround this table each day. They are the reason I can get up out of bed even on days that I don’t feel like it.

Here’s to two years in at CPPR, and I hope to many more. Onward.

Emily Kealey