#WCW: Suzanne Franks


There are certain people that just light up a room, and Suzanne Franks is one of them. We have the pleasure of working with her on her new, unique frozen French fry product, HapPea Fries. They are frozen fries made with chickpeas (instead of potatoes.) olive oil, water and sea salt and that’s it. They are truly, seriously delicious. Don’t take my word for it, ask my two daughters who can go through a whole bag in one night.


But back to Suzanne, and the other BIG reason why we love working on HapPea Fries. Not only is she exceptionally bright and determined, but she always has a positive spirt and can-do attitude that is magnetic and contagious all at once.  She’s also up for anything, which means our ideas can be just as hot and crunchy and delicious as her fries and she digs it. With this kind of unique blend, we feel pretty lucky to have such an awesome woman like Suzanne to work with.


We can’t wait to watch Suzanne’s company grow and thrive and we’re very excited to be with the new fry in town. Check them out at Wheatsville Co-Ops or Fresh Plus stores in Austin today!

Emily Kealey