#WCW: Mary-Kate and Ashley

 Photo cred: POPSUGAR

Photo cred: POPSUGAR

The theme of this woman crush Wednesday is about sisterhood. It definitely will overlap my relationship with my sister, but back then, we both admired the ultimate friendship between two loving sisters: Mary-Kate and Ashley.

This past week, I visited my sister in California, and we had our very own sisters vacation. We kind of felt like Mary-Kate and Ashley. You know how back in their old movies they would always travel to cool places and meet cute boys and have a blast doing things together without adult supervision? Yeah, it definitely felt like that… minus the meeting cute boys part (we’re currently off the market, sorry ‘bout it).

After spending my vacation with my sister and making references to Mary-Kate and Ashley all weekend by the pool, I realized how much we used to look up to them. The Olsen twins helped us develop a stronger relationship as sisters. She’s not only my sister, but she’s also my best friend. I don’t mean to make this all cheesy and what not, but it’s all true.

Back then, we would watch their movies and just wish we were able to have our own bonding experience like that. My sister and I are three years apart, so it was always hard to maintain a super close relationship like Mary-Kate and Ashley when I was 8 and she was 11. That age difference seems a lot bigger when you’re that young because there’s not much you have in common with each other! As she was going through her dramatic teen and pre-teen years, I was still a little kid, you know? Couldn’t really relate to what she was going through. Sure, Siri and I had our differences back then and would argue and fight, but at the end of the day, we were sisters, just like Mary-Kate and Ashley. And we had a bond just like them even though we didn’t know it yet.

I’m glad that I have the honor to call my sister my best friend, and I can turn to her for anything! I guess maybe this blog post isn’t just crushing on Mary-Kate and Ashley, but crushing on the bond they have as sisters because it’s the same bond I have with mine (maybe even a better one, but I’m bias <3). Anyway, the vacation was awesome because I had such great company. And I have Mary-Kate and Ashley to thank for being our sister role-models as a kid because they were a reminder to us that we would always have each other.

Tavy Svay