#WCW: Lena Dunham


This post is here to honor one of my favorite celebrities/influencers who happens to be one of our generation’s coolest, most innovative, creative and inspiring thinkers. Lena Dunham, successful actress, director, and author, continually inspires the world and pushes boundaries with her one-of-a-kind spunk and projects.


So let’s rewind a little. I first discovered Lena when I stumbled upon her debut film Tiny Furniture and her TV series Girls. After instantly falling in love, I began my obsession with her work. Discovering her in the midst of high school aka the beginning of my personal feminist awakening, I clung to the inspiration her work and ideas offered.


To date, Lena has continued her work on Girls, written a touching and hilarious autobiography, and even co-created a weekly e-newsletter centered on female empowerment. Each week my mailbox is graced with a piece featuring the ins and outs of the lives’ of super cool women who are leading and pushing boundaries in their field. The letter has included introspective interviews with a range of thought leaders including Lupita Nyong’o, Esperanza Spalding and even the FLOTUS herself.


To sum up, I <3 Lena and especially her really amazing work. And be sure to check out Lenny Letter (it’s totally worth a visit).

 photo cred: vogue

photo cred: vogue




Hayley Voss