#WCW: Brooke Solis

I have the very big privilege of my Woman Crush Wednesdays being about our amazing female clients. How awesome is that? Not only are they true badasses and make this whole owning business thing look easy but they are a true pleasure to work with. First up is the one and only Brooke Solis from JustGoGirl. A mom of five. I feel like I could stop right there and we all should bow down, but I won’t because get this. She’s a Yale-graduate, successful lawyer and created JustGoGirl – a company that empowers more women to own their athletic leaks (it’s pee y’all, it happens) and help them never hold back, not one ounce or iota. Women can do anything and her products help make sure we do it dryly, confidentially and without looking like we’re wearing a mattress between our legs. Can I get an amen?

But it’s not only all of those accomplishments that make her so crushalicious, what always get me the most is her commitment to her family and to her friends. Watching Brooke gush about her kids’ accomplishments is what makes me just love her even more. She’s a true fan of her family and we love that they are always her top priority.

We can’t wait to see what her brilliant brain comes up with next. We’re going to say it, you go girl!

Darn Skippy Never Hold Back…


Emily Kealey