#WCW: Angela Ahrendts

Image credit: Fast Company

Image credit: Fast Company

From fashion to tech, Angela Ahrendts rules the world, and no one can deny it. The former Burberry CEO and retail powerhouse for Apple has proved strategy combined with open mindedness always beats the competition. But let’s rewind.


How did you learn about Angela?

Throughout my four years of fashion school, I had grown to know and love Angela Ahrendt’s work at Burberry.


What’s so amazing about her?

So glad you asked. Her theory of social media as a language pushed me to own the fact that it should be one of my first languages. She focused so strategically on tech innovation, Burberry started considering themselves a technology company – not just a fashion company. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise when she was announced SVP of retail and online for Apple. Not to mention – she was Apple’s top paid executive this year.


Any fun facts?

There’s obviously many creative, strategic, and professional reasons I’m constantly crushing on Angela Ahrendts. But when I saw her TedTalk about human energy, I learned that her and I share a Midwest hometown – namely, Indianapolis. Nothing is more inspiring to me than a fellow Indy girl conquering the fashion and tech world. Her work constantly brings her to the forefront of innovation – even before the boys.

Dree McCarrel