The Influence of Entrepreneurs - #TRT

 Image credit:  LifeDaily

Image credit: LifeDaily

Anyone with an Instagram knows influencers have already established themselves in the entrepreneurial space. Danielle Bernstein, the blogger behind WeWoreWhat co-founded Body Bauble, aka the jewels seen on festival-goers faces at Coachella and ACL. She even has her own overalls label. Now, things are starting to shift. Not only are influencers welcome in the entrepreneurial space, but entrepreneurs are becoming the new influencer.

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Emily Weiss (who we've mentioned probably 5,000 times on our blog) created a social media-savvy brand. In turn, she's become an influencer, herself. With 214 Instagram followers, her voice carries and validates brands outside of her own. During the election, she used her voice (and her brand's voice) to encourage followers to vote. She's also arguably a style influencer, with super chic OOTDs.

 Photo credit:  Onefinestay

Photo credit: Onefinestay

Entrepreneurs Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise have also blurred the lines between own-boss and influencer. The founders of Sakara Life  star on their marketing materials and Instagram feed, always making the brand feel personal. Their brand says "food should make you feel sexy," and their Boomerangs prove it. Both girls have between 6k-13k followers on their personal Instagrams, as well. 

So, what does this mean for the future of influencers and brands? Time will tell. Brands won't stop needing influencers any time soon. They might just be within the doors of the corporate office.

Dree McCarrel