#ThirstyThursday: Mojitos

 Photo cred: Joseph C. Phillips

Photo cred: Joseph C. Phillips

The warm weather is here, and I’m ready to indulge in some refreshing, ice cold drinks by the pool. My go-to drink for the summer? Mojitos.

My love for mojitos all started when my mom first ordered it at Cheesecake Factory. I was still new to the whole alcohol scene, so anything sweet was preferable to me. I took a sip of her drink, and I was all over it. It tasted like lemonade! Nowadays, it might be a little too sweet for me, but the mint in a mojito is why I love the drink so much. Mint is so refreshing and adds a nice little “ahhhhh” after every sip.

I’ve only made mojitos a couple of times after I discovered it, and I finally found the secret to it: a muddler. You NEED a muddler. Don’t think you can try to squeeze the mint flavor out of those leaves with a spoon because, trust me, I’ve tried. You need a muddler. Here’s my go-to recipe I found on allrecipes.com that hasn’t failed me yet.

All proportions are your preference. For myself, I use more mint and a little less sugar. Every sip I take, I want more :)

Tavy Svay