#ThirstyThursday: House Wine

 Photo cred: @nicksave

Photo cred: @nicksave

Things these past weeks have been absolutely crazy for me, so I thought I would share a favorite place of mine to enjoy a drink, and most importantly relax.

House Wine is, as its name suggests, a home away from home. It has everything you could want—comfy couches, delicious food and an abundance of wine.

By day it embodies the feel of a neighborhood coffee shop—laid-back and inviting. Often I find myself escaping the hectic environment of campus to fit in a couple hours of studying here. With a beautiful yard ornamented with strung lights, at night it becomes the perfect lounge to chat with friends.

So next time you find yourself needing a place to relax (and a glass of wine), stop by House Wine for a break—you’ve earned it.

Cheers <3

P.S. try their homemade sangria—it is THE perfect summer drink  

Hayley Voss