#ThirstyThursday: Juice Society

juice society

This is a story about how I became addicted to Juice Society. Okay, yes. I know how annoying that sounds. Addicted to juices? I know what you're thinking -- could I be more passé? But listen, I'm not just a juice fan. I'm strictly aboard the Juice Society train and headed straight toward an empty bank account. But let's rewind.

As modern tales often do, it began on Instagram. It was love at first sight. They initially followed me on Instagram, and I was immediately hooked when I saw their clean and simple aesthetic. That was in fall or winter time -- months before they officially opened their doors. Sadly for my bank account (but happy for my tastebuds,) they opened a couple weeks ago and let me tell you -- I've already been five times. I know I'm unreasonable, but the heart wants what it wants. And who am I to fight that? 


Reader, zest. Zest, reader. Get to know one another because I've tried this magic potion twice and it worked wonders for my skin.


This undeniably Instagrammable detox juice tastes like a very delicious, tart lemonade. Recommended for first-timers, for sure.


This lovely concoction also works wonders for your skin and improving heart health.


No, I did not drink all of these in one sitting. I've been more than twice a week because that's how little chill I have. Oh, and the staff is super nice. They weren't even weirded out that I'm fangirling this hard a mere two weeks into their opening.

TL;DR: I'll be back next week for more juice and I might be addicted.

Dree McCarrel