Must Love Brands: Taylor Guitars

What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I have musical bone in my body. I love to sing and play my guitar, and I even write songs when I’m feeling up to it. Playing the guitar since my sophomore year of high school, my parents decided to upgrade my acoustic-electric Gibson (I named it Melody) to an acoustic-electric Taylor (which I named Harmony - perfect pair, right?).


I first knew I wanted a Taylor because my uncle had his own, and I would pick it up and start strumming away every time I visited. Then it got to the point where I took it home with me and pretty much stole the guitar from him for a couple months. I just fell in love with the sound, and I wanted a Taylor of my own! My parents took notice at how much I enjoyed playing it, so on Christmas day in my freshman year of college, my parents took out and revealed to me a beautiful Taylor that I could call mine. Her name was Harmony, and I strummed and played ‘til my fingers were tingly to the fingertips.


I was just reunited with my guitar this weekend when I came back to visit my hometown, and I fell in love with it again. Taylor guitars are amazing, rich-sounding instruments that are worth what you pay for. They’re known for their bright sound and their traditional look and shape, and after all these months sitting in its case, it was still in tune. (I didn’t leave the guitar on purpose when I left for college this semester – I didn’t have enough room in my car. I still love it, ok?)


I own a Taylor 214ce in the 200 series. It has an auditorium shape that gives it a full and balanced sound that people melt for. Perfect for serenading a loved one, or playing a sappy break up song because we’ve all been there! I hope one day to get my hands on an 800 series.

Tavy Svay