Must Love Brands: Imaginary Authors

My whole life I have loved to read. I was the nerd who would skip to the Scholastic Book Fair when I was a little kid and spend hours picking out a selection of books. Later on, I loved reading anything and everything from Les Miserables to Harry Potter (#Always). Fast forward to now, with two kids, my own business and you know that thing called life, especially those date nights I try to set aside every few weeks so I can drool over a glass of wine with my husband…reading is on the back burner and so too are those moments that you shut your eyes after reading a good part of book and you get transported to a whole new world.  It’s that magical thing only books can do except for now. Imaginary Authors has done it, but for your nose.


Suddenly, with one of my favorites, Yesterday Haze, I’m whisked away on one of those silver old-school prop planes holding my husband’s hand while he steers the aircraft over the Swiss Alps. Or, with Cape Heartache, I’m in some patch of piney woods, curled up by a big fire, looking up at the night stars while sipping hot chocolate, the cold night air tickling my nose. Something about the power of scent does that. In fact, did you know it’s the most powerful sense we have? Imaginary Authors knows this and they’ve really brought it home with a one of a kind experience to titillate all your senses. I only purchased the samples but I think I’m going to go all in and purchase Falling Into the Sea and Yesterday Haze and probably City of Fire and Memoirs of Trespasser.  This ensures my moments of shutting my eyes and having visions of  my hair pin curled, with bright red lipstick on, summoning my fan and fainting couch while sippinga French 75 can continue on. Hey, one can daydream. Thank you Imaginary Authors for brining a little imagination and some seriously smelling good into my day.


(P.S. Whomever did their color palate and branding deserves an award. LOOK at it. It’s just so pretty.)




Emily Kealey