#InstaCrush: @cleowade

When it comes to Instagram, everyone knows it's important to keep your follows down. Every few months, unfollow a few accounts that aren't inspiring or influencing me in a helpful way. I know, I know -- that sounds super rude. But I use Instagram for inspiration and creative exploration, so when it comes to my follows and feed, I stick to quality over quantity. There are a handful of accounts, though, that I could never unfollow. Cleo Wade is the artist behind one of my personal faves.

My best friend, Emilie Sobel, introduced me to Wade's account/art a little over a year ago and I've been hooked ever since. Her poems range from political statements to sweet nothings. There are bits of encouragement and thoughtful lists. For Cleo, tiny messages mean big empowerment.

During SXSW this year, we saw Cleo Wade at the Refinery29 School of Self-Expression. She held an intimate session where attendees received the cutest ban.do pens and notebooks, and we worked together to create Cleo-inspired pieces. Meeting her in person sealed my deal of never unfollowing. She's absolutely one of the most beautiful people in the world - inside and out.

You should follow and never unfollow, just like me. Check out her Instagram here. 

Dree McCarrel