#InstaCrush: @bychefchloe

Us CPPR gals aren't hush-hush about our love for food and it isn't a secret that we sweat aesthetics. That's why discovering the @bychefchloe Instagram felt like true love, or maybe something more (fate.)

The Instagram is curated and created by chef, Chloe Coscarelli and creative director, Samantha Wasser. by CHLOE is a super-cute restaurant in New York and LA (and coming soon to Boston!) The biz boasts a thoughtful goal: to redefine what it means to eat well. I've not been to the resty yet, but I have to say - I already believe them. Want to know why? Because they have redefined in many ways what it means to communicate via social media. 

At first look, I have to nothing to gain from following their Instagram. Right? I don't live in New York, nor LA (nor Boston although it does rhyme with Austin and is often confused by new friends.) Alas, I will never unfollow. I just can't. Why? Because they've proven that Instagram isn't just another communication platform - it can successfully function purely as a moodboard.

Coscarelli and Wasser believe inspiration is super effective in conveying a brand, and they've absolutely convinced me. I only have one question: how long did it take to perfectly spray paint so much food? Surely countless, but so worth it. My eyes (and the eyes of at least 33.1k followers) truly appreciate it.

Dree McCarrel