Austin City Guide: Launderette

Tucked away in the ever-intriguing neighborhood of East Austin and illuminated by its neon sign is one of my favorite new restaurants--Launderette.


 Photo Credit: Instagram   @pspapershoppe

Photo Credit: Instagram @pspapershoppe

My wonderful sister took me for the first time as a pre-birthday dinner a few weeks ago. We headed to the bustling New-American restaurant on a Saturday night and were (not surprisingly) greeted by a lengthy wait time. However, their adorable patio, scrumptious appetizers, and lengthy drink menu passed the time effortlessly.


The restaurant, whose name comes from its pre-restaurant life as a neighborhood laundry mat, is decorated with a colorful palate of modern artwork. And I cannot lie—I am obsessed with the glossy, turquoise floors.


Quite hungry by the time we were seated, we ordered a number of dishes to share. But my personal favorite of the night was the soft egg toast. Topped with taleggio cheese, asparagus, and a heavenly truffle vinaigrette, the dish was a delightful culmination of flavors.

 Photo Credit: Instagram   @ohheyaustin

Photo Credit: Instagram @ohheyaustin

Now this is not what I thought I would leave raving about, but let me tell you—it was unbelievably good. Maybe it’s because I have a special place in my heart for the combo of egg and toast (a reminder of weekend breakfasts at home with my parents), but this was on a whole other level. The truffle vinaigrette is what dreams are made of. Like really good dreams.


Another favorite of the night was the brick chicken. Tender, juicy and served upon aligot and greens, the entree was well worth the 30 minute wait it took to have it fully cooked.


With a variety of mouth-watering options on its menu, as well as its lovely ambiance, Launderette has definitely won me over. So do yourself a favor, and on your next night out indulge in the eclectic and artfully crafted eats at Launderette. 


Hayley Voss