#AustinCityGuide: Hops & Grain

 Photo cred: @hopsandgrain

Photo cred: @hopsandgrain

Hidden away behind train tracks in the East Austin neighborhood, a local brewery is crafting some of the best beers in town. Emphasizing sustainability and creating the highest quality brews, Hops & Grain is a gem in the growing craft beer industry.


Popularly known for their pale lager “The One They Call Zoe,” Hops & Grain features a range of beers in their laid-back tap room. Lined with aging barrels and massive picnic style tables, visiting the tap room has become my go-to lazy day activity with friends.


With plenty of seating indoors and out, a hefty list of board games, and tours of the brewery where all their beers are created, Hops & Grain has constructed an atmosphere as delightful as their beers.  


But it’s not the enjoyable atmosphere or even Candy Land that keeps me coming back to this local brewery. Each time you stop in, you are sure to be greeted by a diverse selection of brews on tap. Their more well-known beers are common staples at the taproom, but in addition there are always experimental and special feature beers, making each trip unique and exciting.


A little over a month ago, I visited the brewery and enjoyed one of their limited beers, which turned out to be possibly the best beer I have ever encountered. This one-of-a-kind beer was a wonderful twist on their traditional porter. Aged in whiskey barrels with coffee, my oh my was this porter phenomenal.


If I haven’t sold you yet, Hops & Grain also takes their business’s environmental impact seriously, like really seriously. In addition to donating profits to sustainability causes, they reuse grains used to produce their delicious beers in numerous ways, including making tasty treats for your pup.


These guys don’t just make really remarkable beers, but they capture the Austin spirit with everything they do.


P.S. When you’re heading to the lake or your bestie’s barbecue later this summer, make sure to pick up a six-pack of A Pale Mosaic (Indian Pale Ale). Light, refreshing, and a citrus-like after taste, it’s the perfect beer to combat the sweltering Texas heat.


Cheers <3 

Hayley Voss