Austin City Guide: Make It Sweet

Photo cred: Christina Tremel

Photo cred: Christina Tremel

If you’re a huge fan of pretty and nicely decorated treats and delights, Make It Sweet is THE must-go-to shop for you. It’s a baking supply shop, but the shop also offers in-store classes for beginners and advanced bakers to learn baking techniques, decorating skills and more.


A friend of mine introduced me to Make It Sweet because his parents opened the shop together! Jennifer Bartos, one of the owners, was actually on Food Network before, competing in different cake competitions. I’m kind of a huge Food Network nerd, so this was super cool to me, and I was fan-girling just a little bit on the inside when we first met. After walking in the store and looking at the cool baking supplies, all the creative juices were flowing in my head. Completely ignoring the fact that I’m not a baker and have really only made cakes from the box, I was planning on baking this and baking that and surprising my family with a beautiful cake. But my imagination was getting the best of me, obviously.


The classes Jennifer teaches are all super fun, and it’s a great activity to do with a group of friends or your significant other, etc. All the treats you’re working with, you get to take home too! The classes range from cake/cookie decorating to chocolate truffles to fondant design and MUCH MUCH more. They really have it all!


Even if you’re not great with your hands, I would HIGHLY recommend to take one of these classes. It’s a fun thing to do, and you end up taking home some bomb treats to share with your friends because, trust me, you’ll have more than enough.

Tavy Svay