#WCW: Emily Weiss

This post feels mega-overdue, and it's not just because 75% of my favorite friends are named Emily. Without a doubt, Into the Gloss and Glossier serve as top branding leaders, and not just in the world of beauty and style. For those of you who are confused, Emily Weiss is a blog-founder meets beauty-entrepreneur meets ultimate cool-girl and of course, branding genius. I love her outlook on beauty and trends, but I'm mainly inspired by her approach to brands as a community - not just a product. That's a concept everyone in branding claims to understand and respect, but when it comes to authenticity on the matter, Weiss and Glossier walk the walk.

Glossier creates a product that informs and empowers their audience, which is pretty brand-new for the beauty industry. Their concept of skin first and makeup second is not only on-trend, but also painfully overdue. Weiss admits (and embraces) the way the beauty industry has majorly changed in the past century. In fact, Glossier highlights a place in the market where women are finally being encouraged to embrace themselves as is or with accentuated brows and cheeks, if you'd like. The direction of the beauty industry is changing, and it seems the steering wheel is finally in the hands of beauty consumers rather than forced beauty standards.

But back to how much Emily Weiss rules. The quote above was the single most eye-opening quote I heard during SXSW this past March, and I still haven't let it go. Success for Weiss (and Glossier) is defined by authentic interactions with her brand, not necessarily a certain amount of sales. And if you ask me, she's hitting the nail on the head. Success in 2016 is just that. It's about relationships, trust and community. That's real authenticity, (unlike brands tweeting slang terms to connect with "the youths.")

Authenticity isn't Weiss' only favorite a-word, by the way. She's all about accessibility, which is a no-brainer considering how captivating Glossier's social media presence can be. If you can see it, you should be able to buy it -- an idea that is driving the future of retail in many ways. Social media and actual retail buys will surely become less and less separate in the coming years, and I'd bet Glossier will be at the forefront of said retail movement. 


So, yeah -- Emily Weiss and her work at Glossier rules. Also, if you're wondering what she looks like, here's a photo (like, of course she owns a skincare/beauty line -- right?)




Dree McCarrel