#InstaCrush: @PutnamFlowers

 Photo Credit: @PutnamFlowers

Photo Credit: @PutnamFlowers

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with a green thumb. Every time I try to grow a plant, or hell, even keep a store-bought bouquet alive, I utterly fail. But still, I like to enjoy gorgeous flora from time to time—enter Putnam & Putnam’s Instagram.


One day, in the midst of some deep hashtag searches, I came across possibly the prettiest account I have ever seen. Putnam & Putnam, a boutique floral design shop, has created a wonderland of exquisite and colorful floral arrangements with their Instagram account.


The New York-based shop has me crushing hard on their Insta because of the insane talent each of their designs hold. Every day my Instagram feed is brightened with their crazy beautiful arrangements. Their work is truly an art in itself, ranging from seasonal bouquets to entire wedding arrangements. I guarantee after reading this post you will spend at least 30 minutes fangirling and getting lost in the talent of their work.


These guys are seriously the masters of flower arranging. Shout out to their amazing work for bringing some natural beauty back into my life. On Insta, enjoy their work @putnamflowe


Hayley Voss