Must Love Brands: Maegan Vaz

If you hang out with me more than once, you'll notice I'm partial to a few signature accessories. First is my parents' wedding rings combined into one wearable, near and dear piece. Second is always a choker or collar necklace. Thirdly, my newest addition is my Maegan Vaz bracelet. 

I discovered Maegan Vaz at a pop up Aro Shop did in Austin last November. It was my 24th birthday, and Aro was offering free ear piercings for customers who supported their shop. I had a peek around and immediately identified the brushed brass peace sign bracelet.

I'll just say it -- I love the tiny hands on her jewelry. The pieces have an undeniably creepy-cool vibe, but from afar they look like simple, minimal staples. When people get closer, the hand details always serve as a conversation starter or a Conversation Piece (I'm sorry.) Our intern, Hayley, bought the polished brass bracelet a few months later and mentioned my name to the ladies at Aro. They knew exactly who she was talking about because I'm embarrassing on Instagram and this bracelet makes an appearance in many of my photos.

If you're local to Austin, check out her pieces at Aro on South Lamar. Also, you can shop her website here. On Insta, check @mvazjewelry.  

Dree McCarrel