I learned the art of pregaming at art school and it merely meant popping over to friend’s house for a PBR or Jell-O shots. Since college, I’ve allowed myself to indulge in fancier libations when the evening activities begin. This drink, the Sugar Mama, is the go-to favorite for my group of friends. My roommate and best friend, Jordan Foland (AKA JordyFo), introduced the sweet treat to our inner circle. And now, with her permission, I’d like to share our favorite drink.

One shaker:

1 shot of Tito's

1/2 shot of St. Germain

Fresh grapefruit juice

Splash of sparkling wine

Sugar rim on your glass (optional, but also recommended)

Pro-tip: Don’t add the sparkling wine until after you have poured the shaker into glasses. I have learned the hard way that the shaker will explode and not in a fun popping-champagne-bottles way. 


“The drink is based off of one of my favorite drinks in my college home of Madison, WI. Some of my favorite memories include drinking a Sugar Mama at the bar at DLUX with my best girlfriends during a Wisconsin blizzard. By the way, If you made it to DLUX during a blizzard, they made the Sugar Mama with Veuve Clicquot to celebrate. I love recreating the drink for my friends in my new adopted city of Austin now. It reminds me of happy times spent with friends - and a little champagne never hurt anyone.”

-Jordan Foland

Even without the blizzard, it's time to find your cocktail shaker.

Dree McCarrel