Purely Pure Barre

Some workout fads are just that, fads, however, I have been doing Pure Barre for more than five years and can attest after one wedding, one knee injury and two pregnancies, there is nothing out there like Pure Barre and it is here. to. stay. Here are my top 10 - yes 10 - reasons why you should give Pure Barre a try and why I offer it free to our employees.

(1) No impact. I was a runner for years and ended up with a stress fracture on my patella. It's healed but never really "healed" if you know what I mean. Pure Barre has zero impact on my joints which also meant I could keep on going right through both of my pregnancies. Funny story, I didn't know I was in labor with my second daughter and I remember telling my husband that I was going to run an errand and then head to Pure Barre. That's right, I did it until the very, very end. I didn't end up going to Pure Barre that day either as I had little Mara two hours later!

(2) Great instructors. I really do believe Pure Barre attracts the best and brightest in the business. These ladies are beautiful inside and out, and they really do take the time to get to know each lady individually plus they truly listen and encourage to each client.

(3) Mind/Body Connection. Pure Barre is an intelligent exercise. Sure, you can throw your legs and arms around for 55 minutes and walk out sweating but, if you slow yourself down and really listen to what the fabulous instructors are saying, you will understand that an inch really is just an inch, and it's all about flexing that muscle. You will also realize just how badly that inch hurts.

(4) Small Movements = Big Results. Continuing from number three, those small movements may sometimes make you think that there is nothing going on, but once your muscle starts to shake (shaking = body change) you realize that something really is going on and you are seriously going to hurt two days from now. Give yourself 2-3 weeks and you'll start to notice new definition, go longer than that and your bum will have a new lift, legs will be toned and your abs and obliques will come out to party.

(5) It's MY 55 minutes. Because when you are at a Pure Barre class and have to focus, it really is 55 minutes of time just for me. I don't think of my ongoing to-dos, or what I'm making for dinner tonight or did I make an appointment for the cat, I just think about lifting, toning and burning and sweating. Lots of sweating.

(6) Calorie Burn. My husband rocks and got me an Apple Watch for my birthday. If it ever leaves my wrist again I will lose it - I LOVE this thing. It's great at monitoring calorie burn during workouts and while you may not be "hitting it hard" like in some other workouts you can still easily burn 300 - 400 calories. 

(7) The Community. I love my little class in Westlake. You may not know everyone, but once you've been going for a while you can all commiserate over a hard class (take note - they're all hard) or give each other encouragement when someone rocks it during class. 

(8) The Music. Ok, so some of it's not for me but a lot of it is. I don't know how many times I've asked an instructor after class to tell me the name of a song so I can download it. One of my favorites was Kaskade's "All That You Gave" - my little two year belts the "OH, OH, OH, OHHHH" whenever it's on in the car. It's possibly the cutest thing ever.

(9) The Bouncebacks. I've had two pregnancies and recovered from a knee injury and every time, Pure Barre has put me back together. I have to say I'm not like some women who have babies and then just go back to their size 2 jeans, it takes WORK for me people and lots of it. Pure Barre helps you get strong from the inside out - so while it takes time, you are getting stronger and stronger with every class.

(10) The Results. Pure Barre doesn't get easier, you get stronger. But here's the thing, it's always hard. Always. Even at my fittest before my wedding, I would still walk out of there wobbly, drenched in sweat and whimpering. And that's why I love it. You get better, it gets better and so on and so on. Plus, ladies, you can't beat the Pure Barre ledge (and your husband doesn't complain either).

Lift, Tone, Burn.
CEO & Founder

Emily Kealey