The Top Five People You Need on Speed Dial



Besides my husband, best friend, my niece and my parents, there are only a handful of people that you need to insure you have them on speed dial or your carrier pigeon knows how to get to them pretty quickly when your day or week just isn't going the way you want it to. By the time you're 30, you should have all of these in your contacts list. Ready?

(1) Your Aesthetician. Just the other day I had a breakout, and it was not pretty. But, because Rita at Calm Skincare Studio is the best, I was able to text her and get over to her den of zen for a quick zap and a take home remedy so I didn't look like a pimply faced teenager for too long.

(2) Your Spiritual Advisor. This can be your preacher, your pastor, your rabbi, your tarot card reader - whomever you turn to when you really need a dose of spirituality and pick me up from a higher source (whatever that means to you) to get you through a trying time. I have mine, who is yours?

(3) Your Hair Stylist. Also, once again, for those moments you need an emergency blowout for a last minute new client meeting or your gray hairs (yep, we've got 'em) seem to have sprouted over night and you need an emergency session.  Make sure you can text her and she can fit you in lickety split. Kim at Shade Tree is the hair color whisper we swear.

(4) Your Masseuse. We see Ali at Relate Center (we almost didn't want to type her real name because she's the most unbelievable thing since sliced bread), but her version of physical therapy is the only thing that gets us through certain trying times. We also can't complain about the one and only Matt at Milk + Honey Spa or, you can check out his new website at Walker Rolfing (yet another person we don't want to tell you about because he's GENIUS). Whoever it is that can help take you to a state of zen when the going gets tough, make sure they can fit you in toute suite. 

(5) Your favorite waiter or concierge. You're going to laugh, but my best friend and I used to know a waiter at Polvo's and when we needed a margarita (or two) and the place was packed, we could text him to see if was even possible to get in, and usually, we could. Sure, it's not Jeffrey's or one of those places, but it was our place and it was nice to know we had an "in" if we wanted to get a seat. When you need an emergency margarita session because your best friend has a cruddy day, it's nice to know you can go to a place where at least the waiter knows your name and can take care of you, and give you cheesy nachos.

Emily Kealey