Thought Starters

It's interesting when you are starting your own company. Scary really. I mean, you hear about companies failing all the time, goodness, someone even tracked the death of theirs real time on the intertubes. If it's so scary and daunting then why start? Because we have something to say. We have something to say about how PR and Marketing is perceived (hint: it's not too good you guys) and we really believe we can make a difference for emerging and well-established brands alike.

We like to think of ourselves as PR anthropologists. We stand back and examine, we lean in and dissect, we read and we read and we read some more to ensure we are experts, we are one of you, we are a part of your team. It's not good enough to just write a press release and pitch. It's not good enough to post something on Facebook that might be relevant to your brand. It's not good enough to put on an event just because we can. Everything we do must make sense. It must make sense to you, our client; to your target demographic (don't know who they are? we'll help); and to your employees. It must be authentic. It must capture something special. It must be flawless. It must start a good and ongoing conversation that answers to your bottom line, whatever that may be, and guess what, it may not even be monetary. 

That's why we exist. That's why we get out of bed each day and do a PR ninja kick. That's why we absolutely love what we do. We're more than PR, we're more than marketing and we're more than just a vendor to our clients. We're your family, your sound voice and we've got your back. We are excited to be on this journey together and start doing some seriously good work for some seriously good people (hint: you). 

Come join our conversation. 



Emily Kealey